February 23, 2010

Noynoy on Nephew Joshua: Noynoy's Adviser on Wedding Affairs ...

Noynoy defends nephew Joshua, while the text messaging world is bombarded with the issue and insinuating rumor that Joshua, the son of Noynoy's younger sister Kris Aquino is his adviser on wedding affairs. The circulating text propaganda, allegedly from the opponents of the Presidential candidacy runner, spreads  the said nasty idea.
"Joshua is a special child who needs more love and care and not ridicule from anybody."
Here is most of the content of our news article from mb.com.ph;
“Our political opponents are indeed moneyed. I received the same text message no less than three times in just one day,” Aquino said, adding that he expects more negative propaganda as the election comes nearer.
Aquino stressed that Joshua should be spared from politics and public ridicule.
“What he (Joshua) needs is a lot of care, love and understanding,” he said.
The LP standard bearer pointed out that the party will rely on the support of the people in carrying out its objectives of winning in the May 10 elections in the face of the huge spending of his rivals in advertising and political maneuverings.
“I can only be proud of what my parents have taught me -- to lean on the side of the people. That is the most potent force that cannot be bought with money and cannot be stopped by peddling lies,” Aquino said.
In the same gathering, Aquino urged supporters to work double time in further increasing his lead over his rivals en route to the May 10 polls, after a new survey gave him an 11 percent advantage over his nearest rival, Nacionalista Party bet Manuel Villar Jr.
The latest survey which was conducted by the London-based Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) showed Aquino with 42 percent voters’ preference against Villar’s 31 percent. The survey was conducted from January 28 to February 3 with a sampling of 3,000 respondents.
Aquino said it would be more prudent for all supporters to work harder in increasing their lead further as a protection to possible cheating in the coming elections.
“We should make them feel our big numbers to deter them from doing any foolishness during the elections,” Aquino told supporters.

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