February 03, 2012

Feb. 3 is Julie Vega Fans Day: Somewhere In My Past Video Treat ...

It is nostalgic to most of us, specially to those who happened to witness the rise of Philippine TV teen star Ms. Julie Vega, sometime in the 80s, if I am not mistaken. Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo, her real name, was a Filipina child actress, singer and a commercial model as well. She died at the age of 16 due to cardiac arrest secondary to bronchopneumonia.

Julie's tragic death brought the Philippine nation to grief. She was adored by even the old folks due to her very charming aura, plus she got talents and beauty to show off. It was a sad day for the Philippine showbiz world and her fans.

Julie Vega won two (2) FAMAS Awards for Best Child Actress during her brief stay in the showbiz house. She was discovered sometime in:
..in 1974 while performing at a Christmas party at the Quezon Institute, where her mother then worked, by renowned film and stage director Lamberto Avellana and veteran actress Boots Anson-Roa, thus starting her showbiz career at the age of six as a television commercial model of a hotdog brand. (Wiki)
In memory of Julie Vega and the undying support of her fans, during her lifetime and until today, we bring to you this special video where she sang a song in her album titled "First Love". Watch the video below, as Julie Vega sings "Somewhere In My Past".

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More photos of Julie Vega at Nostalgia Manila.

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