February 11, 2012

KC Montero Felt Robbed in the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown ...

KC Montero felt robbed in the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. Most likely the main reason why he let things pour out through his Twitter. This season of Survivor Philippines (Celebrity Showdown) ended with some blast in terms of emotions and sudden breakage of allegiance. KC Montero, whom many others were rooting to win Sole Survivor for the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown, was in great disappointment with what had turned out in the contest.

Here are some of the Tweets of KC Montero sometime before and after the announcement of the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Sole Survivor winner.

At first, KC felt like getting drunk due to the so called "robbery" in the Survivor Philippines season this year. What followed were tweets pertaining to feelings of getting the program done as soon as possible. As KC Montero tweeted:
F... it, Take it to the dome (A picture link was attached)
Any athlete or competitor would know how I feel. I can move on from a loss, but not from being cheated and everyone knowing it.
Although I didn't win, I also did not lose.
Yes, congrats betong. That's my title and money btw. Survivor fans know this.
I think nobody can blame KC for his series of statements. It is out of disgust that he had to let his feelings out. Personally, I think the management of the show must open its eyes on the segment where the Jury cheated the rule by whispering to the top 3 survivors who to vote out. Unfortunately, KC Montero was the subject of the ejection.

In the next conduct of Survivor Philippines, Celebrity Showdown in particular, the said issues during this season must be taken care of accordingly.

Well, congratulations Betong for winning the Suvivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown 2012.

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