March 11, 2012

Charice New Hairdo (Blondie) and Forearm Tattoo ...

Charice New Hairdo and Tatoo. International singing sensation Charice Pempengco was on a buzz a few days ago due to her new look - a Bieber like hairstyle and tattoo on her left forearm which reads "Love Eternally". In between the words is a sign of infinity to highlight the words' meaning all the more.

Photo: (Forearm tattoo)

Charice Pempengco told the press that her new look is not in a way rebellious but an act of doing what she loves. She is aware of her role to the youth as a model, hence she indicated that she will remain the same. Charice told the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP that despite her new look, her attitude will stay as what it is before.
Photo: Glee Wiki (Charice Old Hairstyle)

To some, this new hairstyle / hairdo and forearm tattoo of Charice feels like a rock rendition of her music taste and style. While some view it as a boyish image, protraying that of Aiza Seguerra or Justin Bieber. Either way, her new look does not seem to hold on to the spirit of consistency with the fashion that she used to wear during her rising times.

But well, time moves on and so do people. I bet this is just the dynamic component of Charice, playing its innate role in this constantly changing world.

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