May 24, 2012

Phillip Phillips is the American Idol Season 11 Winner - American Idol Finale Results ...

Phillip Phillips is the American Idol Season 11 Winner - American Idol Finale Results.. The search is over for the American Idol followers and viewers all over the world. Since the coming of its finale, American Idol has been the talk of the town and across the social media in the online arena. Today marks the announcement of the results and winner of the 2012 American Idol and we got, Phillip Phillips as the new crown owner.

The American Idol winner was announced after the votes were completely tallied for the record. In the end, Phillips reigned supreme in the 3-songs finale series, toppling down teenager American, of Filipino and Mexican descent Jessica Sanchez. Phillips sang "Home", while Sanchez did "Change Nothing".

The 3 American Idol judges praised Phillips on all of his 3 songs in the run, while Jessica was faulted in her "lackluster rendition" of the song "Change Nothing" as her 3rd piece.

I am not a fan of American Idol or its seasons for that matter but as far my choice of music is concerned, I think Jessica Sanchez nailed it in almost all aspects of performance. Minus the text voting, which is basically concealed when it comes to the final results or how many votes a contestant have gathered. The panel of judges too have something big to influence the American Idol results. In there, we got Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steve Tyler. These members of the stage judges possess and prefer varied genre of music.

But with all the glory of giving reasonable doubts to the American Idol competitors, I think Phillip Phillips still got what it takes to win the American Idol finale. It is just sad that while Jessica Sanchez needed to stretch out all of her nerves to pull out a fantastic song performance, and thereby earn a bunch of standing ovations from the crowd, Phillips only got to take it slow and mellow and pull out an ounce of country/rocker-voice to win the season. He just have to bring his guitar on the stage, pluck his way and there you go - instant American Idol winner. I am not bitter with the results because I am a Filipino. What I mean is that, the judging and some of its systems and components have to be reviewed.

For the record, these are the comments of the judges after Phillip's performance.
Dude I love the song, I love the production. Everything about that was perfect.

That was a Phillip song and there is nothing on the radio that sounds like that.

By virtue of your vulnerability and style you made the world your home
And this was Phillips's humble remarks backstage, after the announcement of the Americal Idol winner 2012:
I have no idea why I won, man, I guess some people liked the music that I was doing. I'm just lucky. ... I was just doing my thing each week.
Here is Jessica Sanchez's comments:

I don't blame it on anything, Phillip has his fans, and I have mine. We're totally two different people. Our genres are completely different.

He's more like the indie, alternative rock kinda guy, and I'm more urban R&B pop. ... It's just the number of our fans..

In the moment, I told him, 'You're gonna win this.' I was smiling at him the whole time. I was ready to just give him a big hug, and that's what I did when they announced it.

Phillip Phillips winning the 2012 American Idol extends the victory streak of men competitors to 5 consecutive seasons. The last 4 winners were Scotty McCreery, preceded by Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen and David Cook. Phillips got one common thing with the 4 other winners of the AI series - it is popularly known to the Idol watchers as WGWGs or white guys with guitars.

These are all remarkable phenomenon in the music industry and in this kind of idol competition. A lot of people got surprised when Joshua Ledet got eliminated in the Top 3 competition. The surprise gig got heightened today when a power-voice singer Jessica Sanchez went home as the Americal Idol runner up.

Meanwhile, watch the following video performances from the 2012 American Idol finale, final contenders Philipp Phillips and Jessica Sanchez:

Jessica Sanchez: Change Nothing - Top 2 American Idol Season 11:

Phillip Phillips: Home - Winner, American Idol Season 11:

Congratulations Phillip Phillips for winning the American Idol Season 11!

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