August 17, 2012

Ms. Philippines-World Queenierich Rehman Can Beatbox (VIDEO) ...

Ms. Philippines-World Queenierich Rehman Can Beatbox -- That is right folks, our very own Queenierich Rehman just brought down the house by beatboxing during the talent portion of the Miss World competition. Queenierich is somewhat running by the vow that she wants to be the first ever beatboxing Miss World title holder. She has to compete with 117 other candidates in Ordos, Inner Mongolia sometime this month.

Queenierich Rehman, 23 from Las PiƱas started her talent presentation by singing a capella of the song "Rocketeer", followed by the awesome beatbox medley to the tunes of 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Cali Swag’s “Teach Me How To Dougie” and also, Usher’s “Yeah”.

Watch Queenierich Rehman Beatboxing Video:

At the end of the portion, Queenierich took a spot in the Top 5 performers among the candidates. Others who won were the bets from Jamaica, Norway, Panama, and China.

Queenierich remarked that:
Never in the history of beauty pageants that there is a beauty queen who beatboxes. I would be the first

Let's send our best wishes to Queenierich Rehman for the coming coronation night of Miss World 2012. This will be broadcasted live on Saturday via TV5. The venue will be the  Ordos Stadium Arena in China.

Likewise, best of luck also to Queenierich Rehman's beatboxing skill; Unique and in-time talent for a beauty pageant contender - there's no doubt about it.

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