August 23, 2012

Robert Blair Carabuena Apology Letter to Fabros and MMDA Chairman Tolentino ...

Robert Blair Carabuena Apology Letter to Fabros and MMDA Chairman Tolentino -- Blair Carabuena went to the MMDA office on Thursday to pronounce his public apology, specially to MMDA traffic constable Sonny Fabros and Chairman Tolentino. Below is the snapshot of Carabuena's statements:
Carabuena is facing charges for assaulting a government official, traffic aide Sonny Fabros, in a road rage which took place earlier this month. The incident was caught on video by a TV 5 crew while on idle traffic somewhere in Tandang Sora. Netizens and people in the offline world got enraged and even resorted to online bashing and cussing of Blair Carabuena, a human resources manager of Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation.

Earlier today, MMDA traffic discipline office head Yves Gonzalez posted a photo of Carabuena, while reading his statement of apology at the MMDA Chairman's office.
The photo got tremendous reactions of different tones - some are happy and thankful, while some are angry and demanding that Robert Blair Carabuena must face the legal consequences still, of this wrong doing to a government official. Here are some of the Facebook comments garnered by the photo above:
Ikulong na yan kung hindi i-cancel ang Driver's License nya!

sira na kc sya kaya walang syang choice pero na damage na eh...tsk

dapat ituloy ang kaso para mabigyan ng leksyon..

Sori? Di na uso un.. kailangan sau turuan ng leksyon.. dpt ikulong dhl wlang hiya ka... pasalamat k nlng dn at wlng lalakeng ank c mang sonny.. dhl kung meron. Naku e1 q sau... hahaha gayun pa man sana makulong ka...

Trantado ka... patawarn k man ni mang sonny. Sa ibang tao wlang kaptawaran ung gnwa m sknya... ung khhyan nlng nung tao ng ttrbho ng maaus ung tao. Tpos ssktan m lng.. well samen hnd ka nmen pptwrn. Kung ganu kalaki ktwan m m gnun dn kalaki at kbgat ng ugali m.. pweeeee.
While Blair's apology was accepted, his case will still be pursued. As Chairman Tolentino said:
MMDA is asking the Land Transportation Office to cancel Robert Blair’s driver’s license
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